Individual therapy

I work with adult individuals and couples from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds and am LGBTQ+ affirming.

My most commonly addressed issues in individual therapy are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship challenges
  • Grief & loss (as a result of a break-up, divorce, estrangement, or death)
  • Life transitions/life path
  • Identity confusion/development
  • Self-worth & inner critic
  • Boundary-setting & communication
  • Perfectionism
  • Stress & feeling overwhelmed

Couples therapy

I work with couples at all stages, including dating, engaged, partnered, married, or separating/divorcing.

I commonly address the following topics with couples:

  • Communication
  • Connectedness
  • Physical and emotional intimacy
  • Working better as a team
  • Meeting each other’s needs

Location of Services

My practice is entirely virtual (also known as telehealth) with the goal of supporting Client convenience and accessibility to services. I see clients throughout the state of California.

Video sessions are conducted through Simple Practice, a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform developed specifically for the purpose of connecting clients and therapists.


I am an out-of-network provider and do not directly bill insurance. My fee is an up-front cost to you, but if you have a PPO, it is possible you will be partially reimbursed after you submit a superbill (which I would provide to you) to your insurance company. 

If you’re hoping to find an in-network provider, is a useful resource.

Estimated number of sessions

Every client’s needs and circumstances are different.

As a general rule, I recommend committing to at least five to seven sessions, as it will take a couple of sessions for me to understand your history and presenting concerns and co-create a treatment plan with you.

In general, I recommend beginning with weekly sessions to build momentum and then tapering to bi-weekly or monthly, when appropriate.